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Hangover Cures

Everybody seems to have their own hangover cures. I want to compile a list of those heard, seen, tested and from your submissions. Please send me yours and let me know if I can name you. More to follow....

O'Brien's Pub

A place to show all the settings, barware and ideas that make up one of my favorite places on earth!

Amazon Featured products & links

Double Click on the Amazon above and you can do ANY or ALL shopping on Amazon like you normally do, but also support the channel at no extra cost to you. Whenever you make a purchase of any of my featured products, (or anything from Amazon going thru this link, you help support this channel and my thanks goes out to you. Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. MY MAIN AMAZON LINK -itsallabou07d-20 MY FEATURED PRODUCTS: Bartender Kit, 13 Piece Boston Cocktail Shaker Stainless Steel Bar Set with Shaker Tins, Measuring Jigger, Spoon, Pourers, Muddler, Strainer, Tongs, Bottle Stoppers, Opener, Stand, Recipes Joie Extra-Large Ice Cube Tray with Non-Spill Top

Black and Grey brewing company

We visited Black and Grey Brewing Co. near us in West Dundee, Illinois. This was shortly after they had just opened, and parking was limited but we found a space behind the place. I

4th of July @ Wee Acres Farm

We were invited to celebrate the 4th of July by our friends and old neighbors Mitch & Michelle at their place in Barrington Hills, Illinois they call Wee Acres Farm. They have many animals that need tending to and a slew of resident dogs. They are starting a new business of pop-up kitchens and their food is delicious!

Barrington Wine Walk

So, months ago, we went on the Barrington Wine Walk thru the streets of Barrington where different businesses had stop in, explore the place, and treat you to complimentary wine and sometimes snacks. At first, we started out on the trolley, but then found ourselves walking between stops. It was a blustery day, and even had snow blow in our faces while traveling between shops in downtown Barrington. One of my favorites, was the stop at Flesk brewing. They had some GREAT beers on tap and I will be going back for a full on review soon! It was a good thing for the shops also, as we saw what they were all about and what they sold. We had a good time swapping stories in one of the jewelry shops sipping wine, and think my friend Neil even bought his beautiful wife, Nicole an expensive ring there! But we were went to the next place, McGonigal's Irish place. I always feel comfortable in any place that flies the flag of Ireland outside. So, we decided to forgo out little tasters, order a real drink and lunch. We decided that that was enough, and spent the rest of the afternoon there. After eating and drinks the thought of walking from place to place for a little glass of wine had lost it's luster. We will see if they decide to do it again, next year.


We met with friends at in Algonquin. The place is near Randall on Berg street. That night seemed overly busy and we waited 2 or 3 deep at the bar. I ordered a sampler flight to try the beers. I liked the IPA and ordered a 10 oz glass. We took our drinks to the nearby picnic tables inside. No food is served but you can bring in food, or order it in ,as the table next to us had multiple pizza's delivered. The night we were there Duke's ribs was in house and had his big smoker outside and food available for purchase. There are many board games available to play while there. Th, e staff was friendly altho it was self service and no table service seemed to be offered. Altho my wife was not impressed, I could see potential for a good evening of beer tasting if sitting at the main bar.

Mojito Research 101

So, I was doing some research into what white rum works best in a Mojito. I tried Appleton, Bacardi, Blue Chair Bay, Captain Morgan, El Dorado 3, Havana Club (Puerto Rico), Sammy's beach bar, and have bought Cruzan I need to try yet. I do want to get into the cuban rums and try more kinds. So, what white rums do you like in your Mojitos? Where is the place you had the best Mojito? Please add a comment and tell everyone. My mojito video >>>>

Brewery & Bar Reviews

Have you been to any good bars or breweries in the Chicago-land Northwest suburbs? Please share! Copper Fiddle Distillery This weekend we visited the Copper Fiddle Distillery in Lake Zurich, IL. It's an intimate place where you can sample & buy great small-batch distilled spirits. Enjoy a finely crafted cocktail, kick-back and listen to live music. They make their own rum, gin, and bourbon whiskey. When you walk into the place there is a tasting room where you can sample their wares. We were welcomed to Copper Fiddle by Ron the bartender who is a great mixologist and a really good people person. Ron the bartender showing his long pouring skills. We first tried the Orange Martini and the Old Time Religion bourbon cocktail. Both were delicious without being too strong. Someone else in our party who usually drinks beer got a Zombie Apocalypse, which also was quite tasty. Ron did explain that the county liquor commission had only granted the liquor license for their distilled products, not for beer or wine, which was perfectly fine with us! I also had a gin mule that was quite pleasant. Orange Martini Old Time Religion The large back room houses the distillation equipment, stacked barrels of that liquid gold, and tables for people to enjoy musical entertainment at no additional cost. No food is served, but there is complimentary popcorn for guests. They even have a "Designated Driver Program" and will provide your designated driver with free soft drinks for the night. Kudos for supporting responsible drinking! This place is kind of a gem nestled among other small businesses in a strip mall, but worth the hunt. They even have tours where you can learn how their products are made. I would highly recommend checking this place out. It's also a great date night destination. After sampling the great cocktails, you might be inclined to bring a bottle home with you or even some Copper Fiddle branded shirts and tops. If you can't make it out, their spirits are available in Chicagoland bars, restaurants and retail stores. It does make for a fun place to visit and I know that I will be back. BLACK & GRAY BREWING CO. West Dundee, Illinois We stopped in to the local brewery / taproom in West Dundee with some current & former neighbors. We had been waiting for this place to open up and were looking forward to a local brewery. It seemed crowded, which it being a new establishment was surely one of the reasons. We couldn't find parking at first, but found more spots behind the place. I expected a much larger space, but it seems as if cut in half by the landlords and the other half a restaurant that was slated for a later opening. We grabbed the last big table as we had a dozen of us. There wasn't much to the place which seemed almost spartan, and people had commented they just expected a bit more. The beers were fairly good with me starting with an IPA and my wife with the Belgian ale which I liked better.

End of summer 2018 party

We were happy to have an end of summer cocktail party. Many thanks to those who brought bottles! Dima & Tania brought a huge golf club filled with 100% agave tequila. WOW!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my doorbell camera. We love guests bringing bottles!! click here or here for another guest. or paste these into your browser: The Ring doorbell is so cool - you can see who is at your door even if you are not home and speak to them by smartphone. Get yours by clicking here Jurate snapping a selfie from behind the bar......................... We got out the shot ski at one point.

My Wix website journey

Everybody told me how hard it is to start a website and that I could never do it myself. Thru Wix it is easy.. They help you build it. click on the pic or click here > and see how easy it is. You could have yours going in no time! I did upgrade from the free site because of all the benifits.

Kentucky Derby day / Cinco de Mayo

So May 5th was not only Cinco de Mayo, but the Kentucky Derby day. I had to have a mint julep that day. It's pretty much just bourbon, mint, sugar and crushed ice.. (I used agave instead of sugar). I didn't have any Woodford Reserve like they served at the derby, so I used Breckenridge Reserve. I even had the traditional metal silver mint julep cups. My wife wanted hers sweeter and I added a little honey to hers. I took mine outside to watch the sunset, accompanied by my dog, Cullen. Did you celebrate that day? What did you drink? Cinco de Mayo 2020 Everybody was sheltering within. Here is my video

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