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Brewery & Bar Reviews

Have you been to any good bars or breweries in the Chicago-land Northwest suburbs? Please share!

Copper Fiddle Distillery

This weekend we visited the Copper Fiddle Distillery in Lake Zurich, IL.

It's an intimate place where you can sample & buy great small-batch distilled spirits. Enjoy a finely crafted cocktail, kick-back and listen to live music.

They make their own rum, gin, and bourbon whiskey. When you walk into the place there is a tasting room where you can sample their wares. We were welcomed to Copper Fiddle by Ron the bartender who is a great mixologist and a really good people person.

Ron the bartender showing his long pouring skills.

We first tried the Orange Martini and the Old Time Religion bourbon cocktail. Both were delicious without being too strong. Someone else in our party who usually drinks beer got a Zombie Apocalypse, which also was quite tasty. Ron did explain that the county liquor commission had only granted the liquor license for their distilled products, not for beer or wine, which was perfectly fine with us! I also had a gin mule that was quite pleasant.

Orange Martini

Old Time Religion

The large back room houses the distillation equipment, stacked barrels of that liquid gold, and tables for people to enjoy musical entertainment at no additional cost.

No food is served, but there is complimentary popcorn for guests. They even have a "Designated Driver Program" and will provide your designated driver with free soft drinks for the night. Kudos for supporting responsible drinking!

This place is kind of a gem nestled among other small businesses in a strip mall, but worth the hunt.

They even have tours where you can learn how their products are made. I would highly recommend checking this place out. It's also a great date night destination. After sampling the great cocktails, you might be inclined to bring a bottle home with you or even some Copper Fiddle branded shirts and tops. If you can't make it out, their spirits are available in Chicagoland bars, restaurants and retail stores. It does make for a fun place to visit and I know that I will be back.


West Dundee, Illinois

We stopped in to the local brewery / taproom in West Dundee http://www.blackandgraybrewing.com/

with some current & former neighbors. We had been waiting for this place to open up and were looking forward to a local brewery. It seemed crowded, which it being a new establishment was surely one of the reasons. We couldn't find parking at first, but found more spots behind the place. I expected a much larger space, but it seems as if cut in half by the landlords and the other half a restaurant that was slated for a later opening. We grabbed the last big table as we had a dozen of us. There wasn't much to the place which seemed almost spartan, and people had commented they just expected a bit more.

The beers were fairly good with me starting with an IPA and my wife with the Belgian ale which I liked better.