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We met with friends at scorchedearthbrewing.com in Algonquin.

The place is near Randall on Berg street. That night seemed overly busy and we waited 2 or 3 deep at the bar.

I ordered a sampler flight to try the beers. I liked the IPA and ordered a 10 oz glass. We took our drinks to the nearby picnic tables inside. No food is served but you can bring in food, or order it in ,as the table next to us had multiple pizza's delivered. The night we were there Duke's ribs was in house and had his big smoker outside and food available for purchase. There are many board games available to play while there. Th, e staff

was friendly altho it was self service and no table service seemed to be offered. Altho my wife was not impressed, I could see potential for a good evening of beer tasting if sitting at the main bar.