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Barrington Wine Walk

So, months ago, we went on the Barrington Wine Walk thru the streets of Barrington where different businesses had stop in, explore the place, and treat you to complimentary wine and sometimes snacks.

At first, we started out on the trolley, but then found ourselves walking between stops. It was a blustery day, and even had snow blow in our faces while traveling between shops in downtown Barrington.

One of my favorites, was the stop at Flesk brewing.

Jurate, Neil & Nicole liked Flesk Brewing

They had some GREAT beers on tap and I will be going back for a full on review soon!

It was a good thing for the shops also, as we saw what they were all about and what they sold.

We had a good time swapping stories in one of the jewelry shops sipping wine, and think my friend Neil

even bought his beautiful wife, Nicole an expensive ring there!

But we were went to the next place, McGonigal's Irish place. I always feel comfortable in any place that flies the flag of Ireland outside.

So, we decided to forgo out little tasters, order a real drink and lunch.

We decided that that was enough, and spent the rest of the afternoon there.

After eating and drinks the thought of walking from place to place for a little glass of wine had lost it's luster. We will see if they decide to do it again, next year.